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Permanent Account Number is issued by the income tax department but the application form can be accepted by the intermediary agencies like UTI and NSDL. They are working as an intermediary between the Income Tax Department and the person who required getting Permanent Account Number.
These agencies have several branches in all over India. They can collect PAN and TAN application Forms. It is mandatory for such people to get registered himself for TAN, who is required to deduct TDS from the payment to another person. The application of PAN/TAN, new applicant or correction application can be track from the following links.

To apply for PAN is an easy procedure. It requires that you have to fill a Form 49A, if you apply for a new application or you have to fill a Correction Form, if you apply for correction in the pan application.

It is likely to be happened that any Foreign Citizen also has to get Permanent Account Number for any transaction in India. In such situation He/She has to fill a Form 49AA. Application form of Indian citizen and any foreign citizen is different in its details. The guideline is issued in the filling PAN application form of Foreign Citizen so that anyone can apply it without any mistake.

The Application form is given below; you can download it and apply for PAN/TAN application

Form 49A – This form is for Indian Citizens including those who are located outside India.

Form 49AA – This form is for Foreign Citizens

The Guideline for Filling the PAN application of Foreign Citizen is given below

After application normally it takes 3 working days to Track the Status of your application. You can track your application by entering the following details

      1)      Application Type: PAN New / Change Application or TAN New / Change Application
     2)    Acknowledgement Number: PAN application contains 15 Digit numbers and TAN application contains 14 Digit numbers

You can also track your application if you don’t you Acknowledgement by entering correct Last Name/ Surname, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth. These details should be the same as you have entered in the application form.

You can get normally PAN card or TAN within 10 to 15 days. The application received by the intermediary will digitize the application and send it to the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department then verifies the application and record the data given in the application and issue a Permanent Account Number for that applicant. UTI or NSDL receives such number for that applicant and accordingly print the PAN/TAN. PAN Card is a printed on a special type of hard paper and then laminated it. The PAN Card contains applicant’s Name, Photo, Signature and Date of Birth.

At the time of filling the income tax return it may happen that the details of the assessee cannot match with details of the income tax department. It can be happened due to some reason that may be some mistake at the time of entering the data of the applicant in the income tax database or assessee may forget the details written in the PAN application. To overcome such difficulty you have to know the details of the assessee contains in the database of the income tax department.

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