How to apply for PAN Card

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Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique identification number for the purpose keeping track records of Income Tax Data by Income Tax Department. Application of PAN is accepted by intermediate agencies like NSDL and UTI on behalf of Income Tax Department. NSDL accepts applications though it’s various Facilitators like Alankit Assignments Limited, Integrated Enterprises (I) Limited, Karvy Data Management Services Ltd, Shell Transource Limited. The above given facilitators are going to accept physical application of the PAN, but NSDL also accepts online application through its online facility.
How to Apply

For physical application applicant can submit his application to any TIN-FC or PAN Centre of NSDL across the country and for online application applicant can apply through NSDL website. Before making application applicant should go through the instruction given in the application form.

Types of PAN Application

There are two types of application for P.A. Number. 

      1)      Application for allotment of PAN – Any person who applied for the first time for a PAN or who does not have PAN allotted ever before can apply through this form of application.

The following are the new form of PAN application is notified by Income Tax Department w.e.f. April 8, 2012. You can download from the link given blow.

Form 49A This form is for Indian Citizens including those who are located outside India.

Form 49AA – This form is for Foreign Citizens

      2)      Application for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data – Any person who is having PAN card but PAN Card if lost can apply though this form for lost pan card or apply for duplicate pan card. If the person want to make some changes / correction in the PAN data stored with department can also apply through this form.

You can download the Changes or Correction in PAN form from the given blow link


Facilitators of NSDL accept the applications and send these applications to NSDL. NSDL digitalized the applications and then forward such applications to Income Tax Department for verification.

If application is for new PAN in form 49A is applied then, Income Tax Department will allot a New Permanente Account Number to NSDL for such applicant and then NSDL will print the PAN card and dispatches the same with the allotment letter.

If application if for request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data then the details of application will be forwarded by NSDL to the Income Tax Department for update the database. NSDL will print a new PAN or Corrected PAN Card and dispatch after the confirmation from the Income Tax Department.

NSDL will send the PAN card to the applicant at the communication address mention in the application form. NSDL also send an email for the application, it is advisable to provide correct and full information of communication so that PAN card could be reach properly. The mobile number must be mentioned in the application form because NSDL will send SMS for the status of the PAN process.

Status Track

The status of application can track by the applicant by using 15 digit unique Acknowledgment Number which is given in the Acknowledgment Receipt and the three working days of the application on the given below link.

NSDL also provides status track service through TIN Call Centre on 020 – 2721 8080, application status also be track by SMS facility provided by NSDL. Applicant has to send an SMS – NSDLPAN < 15 digit acknowledgement number > to 57575


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