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Steps for applying for DIN

Director Identification Number is a unique number which is mandatory for the director of the Company or a partner of the Limited Liability Partnership Firm.  

It is an easy process by which anyone can apply for the DIN. According to the revised procedure. Allotment of DIN can be done through filling the eForm DIN-1. It requires following 10 steps.

      1.       The first step is to filing of offline eForm DIN-1. To download the eForm DIN-1Click here. Click here for the details which are required to be filled in eFormDIN-1.

      2.       The next step is a photograph and a list of the documents which are required to be submitted in digital form i.e. scanned copy of proof of identity, proof of Residence etc.… Please NOTE that the Physical Documents are not required to be submitted for DIN application.

      3.       The verification of the supporting documents should be done by the applicant and it should contain the Name, Father’s name, Date of Birth and declaration and physical signature of the applicant.

      4.       After failing all the details the form should be attested by the digital signature and uploaded to MCA21 portal.

      5.       At the time of uploading the eForm DIN-1, the applicant has to pay the application fees i.e. Rs. 100 by way of only electronic payment i.e. Net banking or Credit Card. NOTE that the DIN application fees payment should not be done through challan payment in the revised procedure.

After filling the eForm DIN-1 the applicant has to make payment on for the application fees for that reason the applicant have to get register himself/herself on “MCA21Portal” to get login-id. The applicant has to login to the MCA21 Portal and upload the eForm DIN-1, the DIN application will be processed after the application fee is paid.

      6.       After the above steps

In the following case Approved DIN shall be generated

·    In case eForm DIN-1 is signed by a Practicing Professional and details have not been identified as potential duplicate

In the following cases Provisional DIN shall be generated

·       In case eForm DIN-1 is signed by a Practicing Professional and details have been identified as potential duplicate, Provisional DIN shall be generated.

·       In case eForm DIN-1 is signed by an applicant or by the Managing Director/ existing director of the Company in which the applicant is a Director or the Company Secretary in full time employment of the Company, or details have been identified as a potential duplicate.

      7.       eForm DIN-1 processing

·       If the eForm DIN-1 application is certified by the professional like CA/CS/CWA which are in whole time practice, then the DIN application will be approved immediately online conditionally if it is not potential duplication.

·    If the eForm DIN-1 application is certified by any other signatory like director/ Managing Director/ Secretary of the company with which applicant is to be associated then the authority of the MCA DIN cell will examine the eForm DIN-1 in detail and the approved DIN will be generated within one or two days.

      8.       Intimation to the Companies

After approval of DIN, the applicant has to intimate to all the companies in which he is a Director in Form DIN-2, within 30 days of the approval.

      9.       Intimation to the ROC by the Company

After the intimation given by the director to the company(ies) in Form DIN-2, the company(ies) has/have to intimate the ROC about the DINs of the directors in Form DIN-3 within 7 days from the day of receiving form DIN-2.

NOTE: The Filling DIN-3 is applicable only in cases, where the date of appointment of director(s) in such company(ies), is prior to September 1 , 2007

      10.   Application for Chang in Particulars of DIN-1

In case, if there is any change in the information given in eForm DIN-1, then the applicant can modify such information by submitting eForm DIN-4 online.

In the event of a change of address of the director, the director has to intimate such change by submitting eForm DIN-4 along with the required attested documents.


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